Environmentally safe
cleaning systems for
more than 30 years.


WITH ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning Process

The ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system is an effective alternative to the more conventional and often damaging sandblasting or water methods that employ high pressures that blast the dirt and the substrate away.

The ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning Process can be used almost without limitation on a wide variety of building materials, including, but not limited to:


Natural Stone: Sandstone,

Marble, Limestone, Granite

Terra Cotta — Concrete

Metal — Wood

Tile — Brick

The ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning System can be adjusted to suit the degree of cleaning desired for your project to remove efflorescence, calcium deposits, paint, graffiti, and environmental pollutants. From the most delicate architectural details to the largest facade, the ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning System has what it takes to clean and restore the surface safely, while protecting the environment.

QUINTEK’s medias are certified to meet the high standards required to successfully clean without damage to the substrate. They contain no harmful chemicals and are free from any free silica, making them environmentally friendly.

The QUINTEK Misting Cleaning System (QMCS) is a nebulous-type misting system that is capable of cleaning irreplaceable surfaces in a way that is non-toxic and easy to use. The QMCS is electronically controlled to reduce the use of water and prevent large-scale runoff. It is constructed with specially designed nebulous spray nozzles that are attached with flexible arms, mounted onto five-foot misting bars to create the ultimate in flexibility.

Each misting nozzle is focused onto the surface by an articulating connector. Once activated, the nozzle creates a vortex of fine mist that dampens the surface, causing the soil-encrusted dirt to soften. The mist activates the dirt particulates and breaks down the molecular bond of the soiling from itself and the accumulated soil with the substrate. The results are a fresh façade that is free from damage and harmful residue.

Safely Clean Irreplaceable Surfaces