Today, the techniques and technology preserving our historic structures must perform well while also protecting the environment. Facade cleaning is less about cleaning the surface for aesthetic reasons and more about removing pollutants and contaminants to prevent long-term damage to the structure.

The ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning System uses extremely low air pressure from 10 to 35 psi mixed with water that can be precisely regulated within the range of 1 to 15 gallons per hour and mixed with extremely fine micro-abrasive powders, selected exactly to suit this low-pressure technique. This process is an extremely gentle, cost-effective cleaning method that does not require the use of any harsh or harmful chemicals. The ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning system is a proven method that gently lifts away dirt, leaving the beauty and character of the original surface intact. This unique cleaning process is not only mild, but it is also nontoxic

The ROTEC® VORTEX nozzle works by projecting a low-pressure vortex of micro-abrasive media, air, and water in a swirling motion to gently lift away years of accumulated and unwanted pollutants and contaminants without affecting the substrate.

QUINTEK’s certified micro-abrasive medias are consistent in particle size, shape, and hardness, and are non-toxic. In Additionally, our medias contain no free silicates or damaging salts, and are non-carcinogenic.

The QUINTEK Misting Cleaning System is a low-pressure, low volume cleaning technology designed for the sensitive restoration of facades and monuments. The QMCS process is the least aggressive form of cleaning. It employees sophisticated electronic programing to control a low volume and low pressure of water mist to clean. The “on” and “off” cycle of gentle mist is produced to remove water soluble grime without damage to the substrate. The theory is to apply a minimum amount of water for the shortest period to accomplish the greatest amount of removal of dirt and encrustations in the safest way. This method has shown to  virtually eliminating excessive run-off, minimizes wash channels, and reduces the saturation of the stone while reducing water waste.


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   It is simply not enough to be gentle on your structure’s surface. In this age of environmental awareness and scrutiny, the techniques and technology that preserve our historic buildings, bridges, and statues must also protect the ecosystem, the workers, and the general public. That makes your cleaning project almost as monumental as the structure itself.