“An Environment safe Cleaning System for restoring facades and monuments”

Rotec Vortex Cleaning SystemThe ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning system is a low-pressure micro-abrasive cleaning technology designed for the sensitive restoration of facades and monuments.

The ROTEC® VORTEX Nozzle projects a low pressure swirl of air, water and an inert, micro-abrasive media powder to clean surfaces gently and effectively without damage to the substrate. Using interchangeable nozzle tips and turbines, the versatile ROTEC® VORTEXRotec Vortex

Nozzle easily adapts in seconds to the specific cleaning task, whether it be cleaning intricate architectural details or a large-scale facade. Most often the system is used as a wet process, the ROTEC® VORTEX Nozzle can be used dry as well. By regulating the air pressure, micro-abrasive flow rate, water volume and nozzle distance, the applicator can adjust the technique to meet the unique demands of each and every cleaning challenge.

The ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning System is specially designed to deliver the constant flow of QUINTEK’s Micro-Abrasive Powder, compressed air and water to the ROTEC® VORTEX Nozzle necessary to achieve consistent results. The portable, modular components can be set up in minutes.

Whether the surface to be cleaned is stone, terra-cotta, brick, concrete, metal or wood, the ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning System can be used to remove carbon soiling, gypsum crusts, micro-organisms, paints and coatings, smoke damage and graffiti. From the most delicate architectural details to the largest facade, the ROTEC® VORTEX Cleaning System has what it takes to clean and restore in a manner that is not only safe for the surface, but safe for the applicator and the surrounding environment as well.

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