QUINTEK ROTEC ® VORTEX Training fpthumb_certcont
The QUINTEK Corporation offers a one day Certification Program. During the one day ROTEC® VORTEX training workshop, participants will be introduced to the state of the art micro abrasive cleaning techniques. Our workshop is a hands-on training session that will educate individuals to the technology and techniques needed to meet the complex requirements for safe, conscientious yet effective facade cleaning. Each participant will leave the training session with the knowledge to operate the ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system safely and effectively.
Topics that are reviewed during the training session are;

  • Setting up the ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system,
  • Operation of the ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system,
  • Dismantlement of the ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system,
  • Trouble shooting the ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system,
  • A review all safety issues related to the properly operation of the ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system.


After successful completion of this training program each participant will receive a certification letter and photo identification card. In addition the contractors that the trainees currently work for will be added to QUINTEK’s ROTEC® VORTEX approved contractors applicators list. This list is distributed to Engineers, Consultants, Conservators and Architects throughout the United States and Canada. QUINTEK certifies each individual for a period of 5 years. After expiration of the certification each individual must re-register for a refresher course to be re-certified.