QUINTEK Mock-up and Testing Overview
The QUINTEK Corporation offers technical assistance to Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Conservators and Owners to perform mock-ups and field services. The purpose of a mock-up is to demonstrate the aesthetic effects of the cleaning process. It is very important that a drawing of the architectural mock-up including a dimensioned elevation and plan view of the area to be tested be established prior to the mock-up. The mock-up test should be scheduled in advance of the cleaning of the fascia. A timely mock-up test will identify issues that may affect the final outcome of the cleaning process and offer ample opportunity to make any adjustments needed to resolve those issues easily and at lower cost. A properly executed mock-up test provides relatively inexpensive insurance to assure that the cleaning will produce the intended results that were agreed upon prior to the start of the project, eliminates misunderstanding. During the mock-up process our certified trainer can establish operating settings for consistent result. The mock-up results are used to establish the ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system operating pressures to acquire the results that the Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Conservators and Owners have all agree upon. These settings establish the standard for the project reducing damage to the substrate, provide consistency over multi operator and equipment operations and produce the highest quality results.
Field ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system testing:Certified trainer 8 8 2012
Our standard mock-up applies QUINTEK certified micro abrasive media

  • Glass media   –   M 1035
  • Dolomite media  –  D 5025

through the ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system using the a standard 9mm ROTEC spray nozzle combined with clear domestic water, under a predetermined air pressure, from 15 to 35 PSI measured delivered at the nozzle. The standard size mock-up sample is between 100 and 200 square feet. In order to perform a standard mock-up the following utilities must be provided at the testing location.

  • A 125 CFM, 125 PSI towable air compressor.
  • Enough standard compressed air hose to reach the mock-up location.Sherman Test Panel After
  • Enough domestic water hose 5/8 inch preferred to reach the mock-up location.
  • A 120 VAC 20 amp GFCI protected electrical circuit.
  • Enough standard 120 VAC 12 AWG electrical cord to reach the mock-up location
  • One 3 way electric cord adaptor.
  • Broom, Shovel and Plastic when needed.
  • Access and parking as needed to perform mock-ups
  • Licenses and permits as required.

The standard charges to perform a mock-up are based on the location of the project and they are as follows;

  • Technician to perform the mock-up with QUINTEK certified micro abrasive media $1,250.00
  • Transportation and living cost and expenses of the technician to reach the mock-up location Varies
  • The freight cost to deliver a ROTEC® VORTEX cleaning system to the mock-up location and
    the freight cost to return the equipment to QUINTEK in Conshohocken PA Varies

To obtain a pricing quotation to perform a mock-up at your project location, please contact QUINTEK Corporation for additional details.

Q: Why perform a pre-project mock-up?
A: A mock-up is a great tool used to confirm the results of the design criteria and also to assist with the logistics of project operating procedures and to insure quality control. It is imperative to utilize QUINTEK certified operators to follow the mock-up criteria at the project site. With proper planning the costs associated with mock-up testing generally has a minimal impact on the overall project costs.  Investing in a mock-up is money well spent compared to inconsistent and possible undesirable results. Mock-up testing can be a very inexpensive insurance policy to protect our historic buildings.