QUINTEK a leader in environmentally safe cleaning systems presents the new QMCS 100 a traditional stone cleaning method for the technical era. Our system uses a gentle non-chemical methodology to clean irreplaceable surfaces with minimum impact to the surface. The fine water mist spray nozzles mounted on five foot misting bars work by gradually softening the layers of dirt that have accumulate over time. The spray nozzles are directed to spray at an angle to the soiled surface to create a vortex of fine mist that dampens and softens the soil. The mist activates the dirt particulates breaking the molecular bond of the soiling from itself and the molecular bond of the accumulated soil with the substrate. The spray nozzles are attached to articulating arms that facilitates the positioning of the spray nozzles to focus in the areas of heavy soiling or in an area of complex details. The inherent value of the system is it can be easily configure to the unique requirements of each project. These nozzles are electronically controlled to precisely set the on and off cycles of the spray reducing the use of water and preventing its overuse and large scale run-off. By it design the process limits the saturation and ingress of water within the structure hence limiting the mobilization of any soluble salts present within the fabric of the building. Limited applications of water leaves the underlying building substrate relatively dry sound and cohesive while this controlled method of cleaning focuses on the location of the soil and the condition of the substrate. Our misting cleaning systems meet or exceed the most discerning specification requirements. The QMCS 100 is the only system that is controllable in both on and off cycles from 5 seconds to 10 minutes and it is equipped with a built in 5 micron filtration system. QUINTEK’s misting cleaning systems advanced technology for nebulous cleaning.

  • Built in cyclic timer adjustable form 5 sec to 10 minutes
  • Built in 5 micron filtration system
  • Whisper quire operation
  • Misting bars are constructed of non corrosive materials
  • UV-stable articulated nozzle hoses
  • Conical spray nozzles.
  • Articulated nozzles hoses enable accurate positioning of spray.
  • Standard length: 5 Feet
    (Maximum length per control timing unit is 70 linear feet.)

Corcoran before cleaning

Corcoran during misting

Corcoran after cleaning with the QUINTEK Misting System