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QUINTEK ROTEC® VORTEX - The Quintessential Physical Cleaning Technology

QUINTEK Corporation - committed to providing cleaning technology to preserve the built and living environment.

The QUINTEK ROTEC® VORTEX process is the quintessential physical cleaning technology. Designed with preservation in mind, the ROTEC® VORTEX nozzle projects a swirling vortex of micro fine mineral particles to gently lift away the accumulated years of dirt, in an environmentally safe manner, leaving the beauty and character of the original surface intact.

Cleaning and restoring the facades of historic buildings and monuments is a demanding task that can be achieved only when using top quality precision equipment.

The revolutionary QUINTEK ROTEC® VORTEX line of cleaning systems were developed specifically to meet the needs of cleaning contractors who value historic architecture and pride themselves in the quality of their restoration work. In this new age of environmental awareness, the techniques and technology used to preserve our historic structures must work by preserving the environment as well. Façade cleaning processes must not only be gentle on the surfaces being cleaned, but they must protect the environment, the applicator, the building occupants, and the general public. These multi-faceted requirements can make the job of cleaning a historic structure almost as monumental as the structure itself. Physical surface cleaning technology is the method best able to meet the complex requirements for safe and conscientious, yet effective facade cleaning.

When the detrimental soiling to be removed is a surface problem rather than sub-surface, physical techniques can be used with great success. Atmospheric pollutants, encrustations, corrosion, paints or coatings can all be cleaned successfully without damage to the surface by the QUINTEK ROTEC® VORTEX system.


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